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This is a personal blog that I've put together for technical or professional topics — anything that comes to mind.

I have no real interest in maintaining an intricate, social media-aware web presence. Front-end and web design are in my skillset, but not my strong suit. I would rather be writing code than waste time being frustrated with CSS – especially my own time – so I've chosen to keep this site simple.

Therefore, I've reused someone else's open source web design, and the Pico flat-file CMS. No databases to configure or maintain, and I can transfer the blog posts if needed, since they're all stored in Markdown. Open source is great, so why not use an open source web design too? Alright, a bit facetious, but I suppose it's a real opinion I have. No sense in reinventing the wheel, as long as the wheel is good enough.

Most of my work output is closed-source, behind closed doors, and not for public viewing. So I don't have much to share here yet, even though I've been a professional developer for 14 years and counting. I've done lots of .NET, and everything from building a middleman webservice for requesting SSL certificates from internal cert authority infrastructure, automating ImageMagick scripts to process print-ready files for production, and AngularJS client-side apps with a couple dozen controllers and services.

I also spent 4 years as a SQL developer/analyst, so I've had experience processing millions of records for ETL loads and prep for production exports. Once I had to write a SQL case statement with about 30 GOTOs, and I'd probably do it again, all things considered. We had a deadline and it was about an hour before I was given the change request. Lots of things like that, lost to the sands of time and closed-source.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Even if I do nothing but reminisce about nonsensical changes we had to push through, I think documenting them for posterity will be worthwhile.

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